The presentation solutions from DIGITUS® enable you to transmit screen contents wirelessly and are perfectly suited for use in meeting rooms and conference rooms. 

HDMI Extender Set

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HDMI Extender

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Wireless Collaboration System

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HDMI KVM Extender

HDMI® Extender / Splitter Set

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The Wireless HDMI® Extender / Splitter Set überträgt Ihre hochauflösenden HDMI® transfers video and audio signals without a cable at a distance of up to 80 m (1:1 connection, unrestricted view).

The extender set is very easy to operate thanks to real Plug & Play: just plug the source and receiver device into the set and you can get started right away. You also have the option of extending this set on up to 4 receivers (DS-55315), which are optionally available. For example, you can emit the signal from a set-top box on up to 4 different TVs simultaneously and even control the box from each receiver.

Spare yourself the trouble of moving around HDMI® cables by using this easy-to-operate Wireless HDMI® Extender / Splitter System.