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Video connection ports
HDTV Resolution max.
HDTV Standard
HDMI High Speed Repeater, Full HD, 1080p Bandwidth 225MHz, wall mountable
Item No.: DS-55901
4K HDMI Repeater up to 30m HDMI High Speed compatibel and HDCP compliant
Item No.: DS-55900-1
HDMI Repeater, 8K/60Hz 10 m 8K/60, 13 m 4K/60Hz
Item No.: DS-55341
8K DP Repeater 30 m
Item No.: DS-55524
HDMI Repeater, 4K/60Hz 18G, 20 m, HDR black
Item No.: DS-55521
DisplayPort Repeater up to 20 m (Full HD) up to 13 m (4K Resolution), metal housing, EQ, LED
Item No.: DS-52900